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  • Sofia Digital announces new products for IPTV, mobile TV and broadcast TV at IBC2006

    Press release
    Helsinki, Finland

    August 20th,

    Digital announced today three new products for interactive television. The
    launch of Sofia Backstage® Starter Kit for Mobile TV, Sofia Backstage® IPTV Game
    Channel and Sofia Backstage® Channel Manager takes place at IBC2006 exhibition
    in Amsterdam September 8th to 12th.

    Backstage® Starter Kit for Mobile TV is a turn-key solution for launching and
    managing mobile TV channel content and services. It can be used for DVB-H
    networks as well as 3G networks.

    Backstage® IPTV Game Channel is a turn-key solution for launching and managing
    interactive multiplayer games on IPTV channels, where the viewers can
    participate in the games using their IPTV set-top box remote controllers.

    Backstage® Channel Manager is an affordable solution for managing, scheduling
    and running any TV channel’s digital content. The solution can be used for
    broadcast TV, mobile TV, IPTV and infochannels alike. Suomen 3KTV, the largest
    cable TV operator in Finland, uses Sofia Backstage® Channel Manager in running
    their 24/7 entertainment channel. “Sofia
    Digital’s solution is the easiest-to-use and the most reliable product for
    running digital TV content we found when we were building our channel
    comments Mr. Mika Ventovuori from Suomen 3KTV.

    platforms and cross-media possibilities for interactive TV services have been,
    and will continue to be, Sofia Digital’s main focus. By developing further our
    existing products and launching new products that make several simultaneous
    delivery channels possible, we are able to serve our customers better”, Mr.
    Olli Väätäinen, CEO of Sofia Digital, explains the company’s position.

    IBC, the
    world’s largest broadcasting exhibition will take place at the Amsterdam RAI
    center during September 8th to 12th. Sofia Digital
    displays it new products, as well as Sofia Backstage® MHP products,
    multi-channel digitext and customer cases from around the world at stand 2.101 in the exhibition
    hall 2.

    Digital is an internationally recognized provider of interactive TV solutions,
    bringing new services to different TV terminals utilizing new digital
    technologies. Sofia Digital focuses on open standard interactive platforms,
    such as MHP, OCAP, DVB-H and IPTV as well as interactive SMS TV services.

    More information:

    Sofia Backstage®
    Starter Kit for Mobile TV

    Mr. Hannu Anttila
    Vice President, Business Development
    email: Hannu.Anttila@sofiadigital.com
    phone: +358 50 385 5515

    Sofia Backstage® Channel Manager
    Sofia Backstage® IPTV Game Channel

    Mr. Vesa Jaakkola
    Vice President, Sales and Marketing
    email: Vesa.Jaakkola@sofiadigital.com
    phone: +358 50 385 5504

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