Deploy Sofia Backstage® Studio to create your own video portals

Sofia Digital’s Video Services include a full bouquet of services from ingest to transcoding and delivery to VOD portal deployments. Sofia Digital is a one-stop shop, providing all the features of a full-fledged integrated video service offering. This is enabled by partnering with world-leading brands and local professionals in the different areas of the video capture and delivery process. The services can be provided as customer-specific hardware implementations or from cloud/SaaS, whichever is preferred by the customer.

In addition to partner solutions, Sofia Digital provides VOD catalog integrations, small-scale transcoding, VOD management and portals for almost any smart device. The company also provides professional services in all areas of the solution.

The solution is built on several components, which can be selected for the delivery. Many of the components are optional, and their need for the services is agreed together with the customer.

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