When compared to computers and even mobile phones, designing the user experience and user interfaces for TV is still a relatively new area. It is also a fundamentally different platform, and the way we consume our content is different. User interaction is mostly done with the remote control, a relatively clumsy way of navigating compared to mouse and keyboard or touch interfaces.

Multi-device OTT services also demand a fluent way to jump from one device to another. The user experience must be optimized for each platform, but still be familiar and fluent between different environments.

Experienced Designers Working Together with the Developers

To ensure the best design results, it is essential that the designers have deep knowledge of the possibilities and limitations of the different TV models and platforms. Our skilled design team can create the perfect user experience that serves your brand and vision.

Experienced Designers Working Together with the Developers

Testing Is Critical

A good user experience cannot be ensured without testing the applications in the real environment. This requires an extensive test laboratory that has all the TV models where the application is required to run.

Sofia Digital has a comprehensive test laboratory with over 120 different TV sets, with industry leading in-house testing tools and professionals with over 20 years of experience in TV product and application testing. Our developers work seamlessly with the testing professionals to achieve a flawless implementation.

Testing Is Critical

We Can Help Your Designers

If you prefer to design the interfaces yourself and your designers are unfamiliar with the TV environment, we can also help you. For example, we can train your designers, or help the process by reviewing the designs before the actual implementation.

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Janne has over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing TV, mobile and web apps. At Sofia Digital, Janne is responsible for leading our design team and helping our customers build the best user experiences for their end users.