TV Application Testing - Certification testing

Testing zoo with over 120 receivers

Having your applications or products tested by Sofia Digital opens doors to all TV markets. We help you ensure your product complies with all the necessary standards.

Our comprehensive receiver zoo, in-house testing tools and signal generators, as well as our over 10 years of experience in DVB and hybrid testing gives us an unique position to deliver perfect R&D and QA support for your DVB and TV products.

In addition to offering logo regime testing for Finnish, Norwegian and Malaysian markets, Sofia Digital offers also consulting on how to set up testing on different market areas. For this purpose Sofia Digital has productized test suites for DVB and HbbTV testing – offers on these are available by request. Sofia Digital is delivering these test suites for example to Middle East. Now you have great opportunity to take part as our pilot customer, with the possibility to shape the offered services, processes and test environment.

Test your in-house or any HbbTV and smart TV application in Sofia Digital’s laboratory. We provide you with a dedicated testing personnel familiar with and experienced in HbbTV and Smart TV related testing. Services also include testing automation that can be used to rigorously test the application code and provide detailed reports concerning the results.

We are the official custodian for Finnish Antenna and Cable Ready HD certification schemes. In addition, the Antenna SMART certification ensures compliance of your hybrid receiver targeted for the Finnish market. For the Norwegian terrestrial market, we offer the official RiksTV validation services. Learn more about the Finnish certification scheme from testatutlaitteet.fi/for-manufacturers and the Norwegian one from rikstv.no/validation

Testing portfolio and benefits

  • Pre-testing
  • Conformance testing
  • Test Suites / Stream packages
  • 24/7 Laboratory Access
  • Flexible slot booking
  • Full Nordig Compliance together with advanced test tools ensures fast and reliable results
  • Lab space is available on request for a reasonable price
  • Manufacturer receives reliable reporting and direct access to project management and issue tracking tools

HbbTV Benchmark

For receiver manufacturers we also offer the HbbTV Benchmark application and Feature & capability test applications with integrated Benchmark server system.

Juho Mäyränpää

Sales director

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