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  • Elisa and Sofia Digital to cooperate on Finnish Mobile TV Pilot

    Press release
    Helsinki, Finland
    September 6th, 2006

    Sofia Digital delivers Sofia Backstage® Channel Manager to Elisa Corporation, the leading Finnish
    telecom operator, to host interactive services on Mobile TV.

    Sofia’s Backstage solution
    will be the platform for managing Elisa’s interactive pilot services in the Finnish
    Mobile TV network, which is sponsored by Forum Virium Helsinki. The services
    will use the Nokia N92 DVB-H device, which offers broad possibilities to
    integrate interactive services with traditional or made-for-mobile TV content.

    Together with Sofia,
    Elisa is now developing a second iteration of the interactive SnadiTV mobile TV
    service concept. The service will consist of user generated content and
    regional information, for example local news feeds by content partners and
    videos created by users.

    Sofia Backstage® Channel Manager can easily
    schedule various kinds of mobile TV content and enable interactive applications
    like chat, voting, quiz shows and games.  On-demand video streams and 3rd party applications can also be easily managed with the system.

    “SnadiTV is a new type of community centric service that
    brings together mobile lifestyle and TV. Sofia Backstage® is a
    solution that enables us to take this concept to the next level”, says Mr. Jonas Kronlund, technology manager at Elisa

    Mobile TV and DVB-H have gained a lot of interest
    around the world. “Our new products will
    enable operators and content providers easily to create content to this new
    medium. We look forward to working with Elisa and several content partners to
    make interesting Mobile TV services for
    ” comments Mr. Olli
    , CEO of Sofia Digital.

    Finnish Mobile TV, is a Forum
    Virium Helsinki project that supports service developers by providing them with
    DVB-H network capacity and an active developer community. The goal is to
    promote the creation of innovative and interactive services for mobile TV in
    cooperation with Finnish and international developers.

    Sofia Digital Ltd. is an internationally
    recognized provider of interactive TV solutions, bringing new services to
    different TV terminals utilizing new digital technologies. Sofia Digital
    focuses on open standard interactive platforms, such as MHP, OCAP, DVB-H and
    IPTV as well as interactive SMS TV services.

    More information:

    Jonas Kronlund
    Technology Manager,
    email: jonas.kronlund@elisa.fi
    phone: +358 50 598 2789

    Digital Ltd.

    Mr. Mika Kanerva
    email: mika.kanerva@sofiadigital.com
    phone: +358 50 385 5538 

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