Sofia Digital DVB-I solution

Sofia Digital is at the forefront of DVB-I (Internet) development. The DVB Project, an industry consortium that develops open and interoperable technical specifications for the delivery of digital media and broadcast services, commissioned a DVB-I reference application from Sofia Digital in 2020 which was deployed as an HbbTV Operator Application as well as an Android PWA mobile application on receiver ends. Sofia Digital also won CSI Award 2020 for the development of the DVB-I reference application. This background gave Sofia Digital a solid foundation to develop its own DVB-I offering as part of Sofia Backstage® product family.

Commercial solutions management of the DVB-I service lists is realized through Sofia Digital’s existing product portfolio: Sofia Backstage® Guide Manager is used for defining and managing the DVB-I service registries, service lists and service instance metadata, including TV-Anytime based programming information. Sofia Backstage® Playout Manager is used for descriptors management.

On the client-side, the customized application and UI are brought to life as effort-based development projects, based on Sofia Digital client-side software components, utilizing the latest programming stacks while maintaining high level of compatibility in native iOS and native Android, HbbTV and PWA (progressive web application) worlds. Also Smart TV implementations are available as separate projects. Sofia Digital is constantly following up the DVB-I specification work and ready to implement any new features that come from the DVB project or as extensions to the base spec.

Editing a DVB-I service list


Example of a DVB-I channel listing


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