Sofia Backstage® HbbTV Platform

The turn-key solution for Broadcasters and Operators

Sofia Digital’s award-winning HbbTV technology is powering transmissions in many countries throughout Europe and Asia. TV services made with Sofia Backstage® HbbTV Platform are used by millions of TV-viewers.

With Sofia Digital HbbTV Platform the customer can start their HbbTV service with one of our ready-made applications or benefit from our extensive knowledge developing custom applications. The latest addition to Sofia Backstage® offering is HbbTV Author tool making new service development easy without programming skills or prior experience in digital TV application authoring.

The HbbTV platform includes:

HbbTV Server

The HbbTV Server is based on the award-winning Sofia Backstage® software. It is designed to manage and automate the insertion of applications signalling and creation of DSM-CC carousels. Server design supports redundancy, high availability configurations and integration with any DVB-based Head-end.

HbbTV Starter Kit

The ideal solution when you want to test, evaluate or pilot your own HbbTV services in a live TV environment with minimal hassle. The product comes with a pre-installed set of hardware and HbbTV Server software so you can start experimenting and developing right away.


Interactive television currently lacks simple tools to author and manage applications. Often understanding of coding and optimal web content skills are needed, which set the new service development barrier high. But now simple application authoring is possible thanks to the rapidly growing HbbTV market and Sofia Digital’s long history in the field of interactive television.

HbbTV Application Suite

We have ready-made applications for controlling the user experience for HbbTV viewers, including the red-button Launcher and enhanced EPG. Other applications included in the application suite are for example Video-on Demand, Weather and News and Sports statistic apps. Based on our customer cases we have also developed a superior collection of application templates and libraries that are available and can be easily customized for your particular needs.

Guide Manager

Sofia Backstage® Guide Manager is an automation tool for using various TV and Video metadata sources in a unified format compatible with Sofia Backstage®. Guide Manager is pre-integrated with common video platforms used by the TV industry including APIs to interface for example with Kaltura, Ooyala, and Vimond Media. It can support almost any EPG data source in XML, JSON or Excel format.

Example development flow with HbbTV Platform

  • Step 1: Pilot (Starter Kit)
  • Step 2: Production phase 1 (HbbTV Server)
  • Step 3: Production phase 2

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