HbbTV Application Suite

We have ready-made applications for controlling the user experience for HbbTV viewers, including the red-button Launcher and Enhanced EPG. Other applications included in the application suite are, for example, Video on Demand, Weather and News applications and Sports Statistics apps.

Based on our customer cases, we have also developed a superior collection of application templates and libraries that are available and can be easily customized for your particular need. You can also adopt our Author tool and start creating your own apps without any coding required.

For professional use, we also offer the HbbTV Benchmark application and the Feature & Capability test applications with an integrated Benchmark server system.

Available applications

  • Launcher / portal
  • Enhanced EPG
  • News and Weather services
  • VOD and Catch-up TV catalogue
  • Video player
  • Interactive ads
  • Voting
  • Web radio
  • Web cameras
  • Finance application
  • Social media integration
  • Sports application

Smart TV applications brochure

Juho Mäyränpää

Sales director

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