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  • MHP Service Platform for Sun Microsystems in Italy

    Sofia Digital has delivered Sofia Stage® Browser Platform to Sun
    Microsystems Italia. The Platform includes, Sofia Stage® Browser for
    viewing XHTML content in MHP receivers, Sofia Backstage® Publisher for
    Content Publishing and Tools for Content Development.

    By the end of March 2004, Sun Microsystems Italia has started an
    experimentation of interactive digital television with a selected group
    of households and businesses located in the Turin area. Thanks to a set
    top box, users are able to access a variety of services delivered
    through interactive applications; interaction with the Public
    Administration is ensured through several kinds of network connections,
    ordinary telephone access, broadband return channel, wireless GPRS.

    The user friendly interface of the portal delivers maximum
    interactivity through services such as job postings, a digital version
    of the Employment Office of the Turin Province and, at a later stage,
    education modules developed by local Universities and delivered
    according to the most innovative approach to distance learning:
    T-learning (Television Learning). A reservation application and an
    integrated Messaging client (Mail, MMS, etc.) complete the set of basic
    applications developed in this context.

    The experimentation has been designed as a network reference model
    for the Public Sector: the same infrastructure and decoder can be used
    to deliver services to other local administrations.

    "MHP will enable a new way to provide various governmental services
    in television. We are glad to partner with Sun Microsystems in Italy in
    providing the necessary technology platform for Service Providers to
    start providing new interactive services on MHP", states Petri
    Martikainen, CEO of Sofia Digital.

    Giuseppe Facchetti, EMEA Technology Office, Sun Microsystems, said:
    "Digital Television is an excellent opportunity for rapidly increasing
    the creation of innovative services for the general public. We
    partnered with Sofia Digital because they provide state-of-the-art
    technology for an open, convergent MHP platform for TV content".

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