Czech Telecom launches large scale MHP Service Platform with Sofia Digital

Sofia Digital delivers large scale MHP Service Platform to Czech
Telecom. Delivery includes solution for MHP Service Management and
Platform for creating browser based MHP services like Superteletext,
Shopping, Email and Voting. In addition Sofia delivers EPG Platform,
Games and Interactive News Ticker.

Delivery is based on Sofia Digital’s products. MHP Service
Management solution is based on Sofia Backstage® Manager. Browser based
services are created with Sofia Stage® Browser Platform. EPG Platform
consists of Sofia Access®,MHP compatible EPG application, and Sofia
Backstage® SI Manager for creation and management of programming data.

Czech Telecom is interested in actively participating in the
development of digital television in the Czech Republic. In this sphere
Czech Telecom offers distribution of DVB-T one month after the starting
experimental broadcasting.

The biggest operator in the Czech Republic has already obtained the
licence and frequencies also for commercial broadcasting. The main
requirement is the complete assurance of a service that offers the
highest quality reception in urban agglomerations and EPG Platform.

“Development of interactive television needs strong industry
players to introduce new attractive services and working business
models to the market. We are delighted to partner with Czech Telecom to
drive together this development in Czech Republic”, states Petri
Martikainen, CEO of Sofia Digital.

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