Future of TV: market facts and estimations

Here are some facts and estimations as we head towards 2015, based on our extensive knowledge in the marketplace and public information sources.

Connected TV market share is increasing, as eg. Strategy Analytics is estimating: global installed base for connected TVs will double over the next five years and will reach 2 billion units in 2018. At same time new connected TVs are actually connected to Internet more often than not.

Smart TV processing power is usually higher than STB which increases usability and enables more advanced applications. Also consumers like to use one device if possible. Ideally all services can be reached with same user interface and one remote controller.

HbbTV enables implementing one single application to reach all major TV vendors. HbbTV adoption has grown to over 20 countries globally with new countries such as Australia in operation and UK announced to join soon. Majority of new connected TV models support HbbTV.

If linear pay-tv operators cannot reach households using smart TV, they will lose their customers to multinational OTT operators.

Sources: Global connected TV device ownership passes 1 billion , HbbTV momentum continues to grow

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