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SmartTV and HbbTV testing

If your company makes products, services or apps for Smart TVs and/or HbbTVs you will need to test them to ensure that they perform as you expect. But the question then is “What kind of testing do you need?”

In-depth with Sofia Digital’s testing team

Sofia Digital’s testing team has put this white paper together to answer that question and to help you understand the different elements that are involved in a thorough testing regime. This includes a look at different testing approaches, local and international certification requirements, performance testing and testing setups, as well as how to plan a testing strategy.

Common questions about testing

  • What kind of testing is needed?
  • Is testing needed for device certification?
  • How do you test UI and UX performance?
  • How can you ensure platform conformance?
  • How do you test Smart TV apps?
  • What kind of testing equipment and facilities do you need?
  • Is it possible to automate all your testing?
  • Who can you ask about testing for your Smart TV and HbbTV offering?

Testing for better Smart TV products and services

Picture this: your customer sits back on the sofa, ready to relax. They pick up the remote control and they turn on your Smart TV device, they click on your app and select a show on your service. If everything has been tested properly, your customer will simply enjoy the show, no stress, no worries. And do it all in their own language. This is what a successful customer experience looks like, and it makes them more likely to use your product, app or service in the future.

Note that it’s what the customer doesn’t see that makes it a success. No glitches, no complicated menus, no wondering how things work. Testing eliminates bugs, problems and hidden issues before products and services are launched, and it prevents them from ever bothering the viewer. In this way, testing not only improves the Smart TV viewing experience, it also improves Smart TV products and services.

Testing should really be part of the product development process and it can benefit companies throughout the Smart TV ecosystem. With the right testing regimes, you can identify weaknesses in backend performance and capacity, you can verify that apps will work on the target devices, and you can optimize the UI and navigation of a new service. It does take work and it does take expertise, but do it right and you’ll get better products and services, and happier customers.

And when you know that everything has been thoroughly tested and is ready for launch, you can sit back and relax, too.

Find out more and download the white paper: Why testing your Smart TV and HbbTV platforms and applications is essential

After you have read the white paper, you should know more about what kind of testing you are likely to need for your Smart TV and HbbTV offering. When you’re ready to find out more, get in touch. Our testing team will be happy to help and discuss your needs in more detail.

With Sofia Digital, you’ll get everything you need from one company.

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