Sofia Digital’s classic Teksti-TV (Teletext) application now available for Sailfish and Jolla


Sofia Digital is proud to announce the Finnish Teksti-TV application has been ported to Sailfish platform and is now available on Jolla devices. The application can be found from the Jolla Store on the device. Since publishing the application has already been downloaded to a significant amount of Jollas, now shipping in Finland and Europe.

Porting the existing application was relatively easy due to Sailfish platform running on the Qt platform. Teksti-TV application Qt version was originally developed for the MeeGo platform running on Nokia N9 device. Since the application is a native application on the Sailfish it can take benefit of the new features of the platform like convenient swipe gesture on the home screen to browse the teletext pages.

Please get in touch with us to learn more about the possibilities in mobile, we at Sofia Digital have the competence to develop on all major mobile platforms!

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