Sofia Digital Oy selected as development partner of the Radio and Television Archive of the National Audio-Visual Institute of Finland

The program information management system Ritva of the Radio and Television Archive (RTVA) of the National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) will be renewed in 2021–2022. The system reform offers an opportunity to provide the service with new, innovative features that will make the massive amount of data – even on global scale – available to researchers and other users more efficiently and more comprehensively. The object of the acquisition is open-source software and software know-how.

Founded in 2008, RTVA takes care of the preservation of Finnish radio and television culture for future generations. At the viewing and listening points in seven different locations, you can study the program flow of Finnish radio and TV channels recorded since the beginning of 2009 and the TV programs produced by Yleisradio from 1957–2008. In addition, RTVA stores the types of programs defined by law as original-level physical tracks or files in its collections. In 2021, 12 TV channels and 27 radio channels will be recorded full-time. In addition to these, 12 TV channels and 57 radio channels will be recorded as weekly samples. The number of hours to be recorded is estimated at 310,000. The scope, coverage and amount of archival material are unique even on an international scale.

Sofia Digital is a Finnish pioneer of interactive video and TV applications, creating new value-added services for various terminals utilizing the latest digital technologies. Since its foundation in 2000, the company has served internationally renowned operators, television companies and equipment manufacturers in 38 countries. Sofia Digital’s choice as KAVI’s radio and television archive program information management system’s software development partner was influenced by the company’s strong expertise in this industry. The partnership agreement duration is five years.

The National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) is both a memory organization and a supervisory authority whose task is to preserve the products of domestic audiovisual culture and to promote audiovisual cultural heritage and media education. KAVI’s operations are based on Cultural Resources Act. KAVI’s operating units are equally located within the umbrella organization, with the exception of the classification of picture programs’ special status based on the separate legislation.

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