Sofia Digital launches a crossmedia platform for multiplayer TV games

11.04.2005, Helsinki, Finland

Sofia Digital introduces a Crossmedia Platform for multiplayer TV games, by which the same TV Game can be played from several terminals and utilising different ways of billing the customer:

  • Mobile phone using text messages (SMS) or WAP.
  • Telephone using IVR
  • Smartphone with Symbian or Java capabilities using a client application for easy gaming
  • Interactive Set-Top Box with API, such as MHP, OCAP or HTML, using a client application for easy gaming

New interaction possibilities will open new business model scenarios for broadcasters, operators and content providers. Games can be offered by different payment and subscription mechanisms and pricing can be set independently by the service provider.

As an alternative business model to premium SMS messages, the player uses game credits purchased to a user account. Credits can be used for game playing and other digital content available on the Game Channel. Game credits can also be earned by playing games and participating in competitions on the Game Channel.

Emerging technologies such as MHP, OCAP and IPTV will also bring possibilities to provide additional content for game communities. User can access various types of content such as high score lists, chat rooms and game reviews through a Game Portal. Game Community Portals can be implemented easily by using existing Internet content.

Sofia Digital showcases the Crossmedia Platform and other services at Milia event in Cannes, France April 11-15th at booth RSV.47.

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