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  • Mobile TV Interactive Services Demonstrated at 3GSM

    Mobile TV Interactive Services Demonstrated at 3GSM by
    Abertis Telecom, Sofia Digital, Televisió de Catalunya and Nokia

    Today 12th February 2007, is the 3GSM World
    Congress opening day in Barcelona, the start of a show that will go on until
    Thursday 15th.

    This event is the most important worldwide event for
    the telecom industry and the best chance to see such a kind of fashion show
    where exhibitors are delighted to launch their new products and services.

    Abertis Telecom, Sofia Digital, Televisió de Catalunya
    (TV3), CCRTV Interactiva and Nokia joined forces and worked together with the
    aim to demonstrate powerful Java based interactive services at this event:

    • Teletext service of the Catalan
      Public Broadcaster TV3
      is broadcast over DVB-H along with the TV
      channel. Teletext on mobile devices allows new ways for TVC to reach its
      viewers and shows how premium SMS and IVR services in the Teletext can be
      used directly with the mobile TV device.
    • Mobile Digitext service demonstrates how rich content can enhance
      the viewing experience. Mobile Digitext also shows how interactive content
      can be delivered effectively both over broadcast and 3G/GPRS networks.
    • Sofia Backstage® for DVB-H is used for
      delivering the Teletext and Digitext services.
    • Barcelona will be able to enjoy these new services by means of Abertis Telecom's DVB-H network,
      just tuning to channel 22.
    • The city-wide Mobile TV service has been implemented using the open
      industry standards and it is using the Nokia Mobile Broadcast Solution
      and Nokia MobileTV devices

    The collaboration between parties with a strong good
    international coordination offers to the end users the experience to interact
    with the mobile TV device while watching their favourite programs.

    The TV3 interactive
    services are available on air in the whole city of Barcelona and will be
    demonstrated at 8B169 Nokia stand
    and at Abertis Telecom booths in the CY13 Spanish and CY14 Catalan Pavilions.

    More information:

    Sofia Digital Ltd
    Mr. Hannu Anttila
    Vice President, Business Development

    About Sofia Digital:

    Sofia Digital Ltd. is an internationally recognized provider of interactive TV solutions, bringing new services
    to different TV terminals utilizing new digital technologies. Sofia Digital focuses on open standard interactive
    platforms, such as MHP, OCAP, DVB-H and IPTV as well as interactive SMS TV services.

    About Abertis Telecom:
    Abertis Telecom is Spain’s leading telecommunications infrastructures and services group. 

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