How do you manage an OTT service successfully after launch?

After you have launched your OTT service, what do you need to do to maintain success? When you launch a new or expanded OTT service, it is important to keep developing it to maintain momentum and success. If you stop development, it will soon be outdated. In this white paper, Sofia Digital’s OTT experts discuss ways to follow and evaluate the performance of your service, and how to identify opportunities for development and improvement.

Use analytics to improve your service

Analytics are essential to the success of all online services including OTT business models. The data collected from the system will let you follow customer behavior, content performance and device use.

All decisions about operational management and service improvement should be based on this data – the facts about your customers. Analytics also let you improve the customer experience with recommendations, promotions and faster content discovery.

Monitor the performance of your service

Continuously monitor the performance of your frontend and backend to ensure a smooth, stable viewing experience. You can either do the monitoring yourself or your vendors may provide a monitoring service and send alerts to your team when they notice an issue.

Technical analytics can be used to follow the long-term performance of your service and to help with troubleshooting when viewers report faults. They will also help you identify weaknesses in your service, like capacity limits at peak viewing times, and areas that could be developed to improve viewing performance.

Keep the number of analytics systems to a minimum

Minimize the number of different systems that you use to make it easier to follow and manage your analytics. You don’t want to have separate services to measure distribution, playback experience and audience behavior. It is difficult to analyze and process data if it is presented in different software. The ideal situation is to have as few systems and libraries as possible.

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Key things to consider when implementing OTT services

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