Download our white paper: Key things to consider when implementing OTT services

In this white paper we cover the most important practical and technical aspects of expanding an OTT service, and provide useful tips to help you keep your viewers satisfied.

As the market for OTT (Over-the-Top) content continues to grow, especially on Smart TVs, broadcasters and content providers are looking for ways to attract more customers and get a piece of the action. There are several ways to expand an OTT business, including offering more content and extending device reach, as well as entering new markets. However, it’s not just a question of adding things – the foundation of business growth is keeping your existing customers happy. In the OTT business, this means that you always, absolutely always, have to deliver an excellent viewing experience to your customers. Your service – your brand – must look good on every device.

Insights from Sofia Digital’s OTT experts

Let’s assume that you already have killer content that’s going to attract a lot of new viewers. What do you need to have in place to ensure a high-quality viewing experience on all devices?

Sofia Digital’s OTT experts have prepared this white paper to help answer the common questions companies have about OTT services. It will you understand the kind of technical issues involved, including different types of OTT solution, backend integration, ensuring stable player performance and why testing is so important. You’ll also get industry insights, as well as advice on how to prepare for future growth.

Common questions about OTT services

  • Will you be able to expand your OTT offering with your existing backend?
  • How do you guarantee a stable service across all devices?
  • How do you handle the different platforms in the Smart TV market?
  • How do you ensure a unified OTT experience on different devices?
  • What’s the most cost-efficient DRM solution for your service?
  • How do you implement live-to-VOD?
  • Where and how will live stream transcoding for your TV services be done?
  • Who can you ask about establishing or expanding an OTT service?

How do you make your OTT business a success?

In addition to the technical aspects, the other critical success factor for an OTT service is profitability – companies expand their OTT offering to earn more money. There are two main factors that affect the profitability of an OTT service: the costs required to build and maintain it, and the revenue it makes from customers.

On the cost side, in general, the more vendors that are involved in an OTT project, the more expensive and complicated it will be to run. In addition, system maintenance is also likely to be more complicated when components are provided by multiple vendors. For this reason, companies can save money by selecting a single OTT provider, like Sofia Digital, that can handle all their OTT needs.

On the revenue side, OTT companies have the option of several monetization models, which may involve either advertising- or subscription-based income, or a combination of the two. However, all models rely on technical solutions to make them work, some of which can be quite complicated, especially advertising integration. In the white paper, we discuss the different subscription models and go into more depth about advertising integration and typical problems to watch out for. We also cover the importance of analytics for revenue sharing models, as well as for the development of your service.

Find out more and download the white paper:
Key things to consider when implementing OTT services

After you have read through the white paper, you should have a better understanding of where to start when you want to expand your OTT business. When you’re ready, get in touch. We’ll be happy to help and discuss your needs in more detail.

With Sofia Digital, you’ll get everything you need from one company.

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