Big screen going stronger than ever

OTT services have been on the raise for some time. Players like Netflix and Amazon have launched their services and broadcasters have responded by launching their own proprietary services. These services are used in PCs, laptops, mobile terminals, tablets and of course in smart televisions.

Broadcasters have noted that especially mobile usage has been on the rise. The doomsayers have been quick to predict the demise of television consumption, many saying that the younger generation is so mobile-centric, that it shall be the norm of the future.

Sofia Digital participated in the HbbTV Symposium 2017 in Rome. There we got the first feedback, that maybe mobile isn’t winning in the longer run after all. Sofia Digital had always had the vision, that the big screen is the best solution for watching videos, especially for any longer time period. Now Francesc Mas from CCMA, Catalonia was saying the same thing. Once the right kind of application and user interface were launched the usage of interactive TV content surpassed consistently the consumption on the web portals. Also the consumption through mobile portals was below the consumption on television. This was remarkable, because the launch of the TV application did not affect the usage on either web portals or mobile but was additional to it.

Recently the research company Ampare Analysis has reported similar trends: OTT consumption in smart television is bigger than mobile consumption in all age groups when measured on weekly basis. These results are in fact coming thus both from the broadcasters themselves as well as from research organizations.

This is noteworthy because it seems that many broadcasters do not have recognized this development and have not yet implemented television applications in their OTT strategies.

Sofia Digital has written a whitepaper on OTT and smart TV, that covers the following issues:

  • Why to invest in OTT services
  • Why smart TV is an important part of your OTT distribution
  • What are the players in smart TV OTT market
  • What are the earning models for OTT market
  • How to approach smart TV application development practically

This Whitepaper is directed to the following user groups:

  • Broadcasters and studios
  • Pay TV operators
  • Content distributors
  • Multi-channel networks
  • Digital marketers and brands

If you are interested in getting more customers for your OTT services, then it surely makes sense to read the whitepaper. You can download the whitepaper from the following link:

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