Sofia Digital to offer RiksTV validation service

Sofia Digital Ltd and RiksTV have made an agreement regarding logo regime testing of TV and other receiver devices. This co-operation has been published by RiksTV at their website

On behalf of the DTT licensee, both Norges Televisjon AS (“NTV”) and RiksTV AS (“RiksTV”) are responsible for validation of end user equipment for the Norwegian DTT platform, according to NTVs specifications for such equipment.

RiksTV has signed agreements with Labwise and Sofia Digital for handling future IRD validation testing. RiksTV will not place any restrictions on which of these labs manufacturers can choose for future tests.

RiksTV has also completed a new version of the receiver specification, that reduces the number of requirements, removing some and referencing Nordig specification where possible. Please contact if you need a copy.

A set of documents and specifications are available for the manufacturer in order to:

  • understand the validation process
  • be able to order the validation, and
  • to understand the different existing requirements

For Sofia Digital this is a continuation of the testing services expansion. Initially testing services were started with Finnish Antenna and Cable Ready certifications for manufacturers. Then Sofia Digital was setting up the receiver testing services in Malaysia and now the company is offering testing services for manufacturers entering Norwegian markets. Meanwhile testing services were extended to include also HbbTV and SmartTV application testing for third party application developers.

“Establishing co-operation with RiksTV was a natural step for us due to Sofia Digital’s proven expertise and references from the manufacturers”, says Juha Joki, Director of DVB and Testing services at Sofia Digital, and continues: “Sofia Digital has always been a strong player in device testing in Finland and a trusted partner for device manufacturers also on the smart TV application side. Now we can continue to serve our existing and new customers in a new market region”.

“Sofia Digital came recommended from both manufacturers and some of our partners. Based on my experience with them during the selection and start-up phase, I have no doubt they will be a great partner to work with.” Martin Skaugen, Test & Validation at RiksTV.

About RiksTV
RiksTV AS is a Norwegian TV distributor established in 2005. The first digital TV signals were broadcasted in September 2007. RiksTV AS is owned by NRK Aktivum AS and TV 2 Gruppen AS.
RiksTV is Norway’s only TV distributor providing digital TV through antenna, internet and fiber broadband. In addition to the company’s set up boxes, SMART-boks and Strømmeboks, RiksTV is available through apps for Apple TV, SMART-TV, mobile, tablets and web-TV.
RiksTV offers digital TV through antenna in the digital terrestrial network, which covers 98% of households and approx. 90% of cabin homes. The capacity of the digital terrestrial network is used by NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) and RiksTV.

About Sofia Digital
Sofia Digital focuses on open standard interactive platforms, HbbTV, broadcasting automation tools and testing. The company has been around since the advent of digital television nearly two decades ago. Sofia Digital helps networks to bring their content to new platforms that enrich the viewer experience, generating new business. We are the architects of change.
Sofia Digital is the official custodian for Finnish Antenna and Cable Ready HD certification schemes. Antenna SMART certification ensures compliance of your hybrid receiver targeted for the Finnish market.
Sofia Digital’s comprehensive receiver zoo, in-house testing tools and signal generators, as well as our over 10 years of experience in DVB and hybrid testing gives the company an unique position to deliver perfect R&D and QA support for your next DVB platform.
For receiver manufacturers, Sofia Digital also offers the HbbTV Benchmark application and Feature & capability test applications with integrated Benchmark server system. Sofia Digital is an active member of HbbTV Association to contribute the industry and technical cooperation with TV manufacturers. Sofia Digital is also the creator of DRM DASH Reference Application for HbbTV Association and DVB-I reference application for DVB Project.

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