How do you expand an OTT business?

How do you successfully grow your OTT business? Find out by downloading Sofia Digital’s white paper: Key things to consider when implementing OTT services

How do you grow your OTT business and still deliver an excellent customer experience? Download our white paper find out. It covers device compatibility, testing and common problems, as well as the best practices that go into creating and maintaining a smooth, stable service.

Whenever you add support for more viewers, more content or more devices to an OTT service, you have to consider how to maintain a high standard of customer experience. In this white paper, Sofia Digital’s OTT experts discuss the technical implications for your frontend and backend systems, as well as for the UX and UI design.

Tips for adding customers and content

To successfully add more viewers, you must make sure that they get flawless service from the moment they tune in. But equally important, you must ensure that the increased demand on your systems does not reduce the quality of service you provide to your existing customer base. This means that you may need to scale up your streaming infrastructure, add bandwidth and increase transcoding capacity, to ensure that you can serve a larger number of viewers simultaneously without overloading your systems. Keeping extra capacity in reserve is also very important if you plan to stream big live events – your system needs to be able to handle rapid peaks in viewing numbers.

Likewise, when you add more content, you may need to redesign the UI and app so that it still works and is still easy to use. For example, if you add more categories or channels, you need to ensure that both existing and new content is easy to find in the UI. Again, you want to keep both your current customers and your new customers satisfied, and they need to be able to find their favorite programs quickly and easily.

Test compatibility on all devices

When you extend your device coverage, you should put effort into making your streams compatible with all platforms. The video player must be stable and reliable, and it must play your video content on all devices without any issues. Compatibility is a big issue with older devices, especially with Smart TVs. You may need the support of a company that specializes in developing and testing Smart TV apps and OTT platforms, like Sofia Digital, to ensure good performance on all the major brands.

Find out more and download the white paper:
Key things to consider when implementing OTT services

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