HbbTV Awards 2023 Winner: Best tool or product for HbbTV service development or delivery

The German DVB-I Pilot has won the category “Best tool or product for HbbTV service development or delivery” in HbbTV 2023 awards.
Jury quote:
“Essential work putting the pieces together and merge broadcast and streaming.”

Sofia Digital is part of a collaboration that has been developing the project “German DVB-I pilot” since 2022. The collaboration consists of 19 organizations with various key players from Germany’s media sector, including broadcasters, device manufacturers, software specialists, and research entities.

The project’s aim is to develop a common understanding of the capabilities of DVB-I and of a standardized future scenario to include the complete DVB-I ecosystem. The initiative aims not only to test the technology but also to determine the real value and potential benefits of DVB-I for the TV industry. Our role in this project has been providing an Android TV and mobile client for showcasing the technology. You can read more about the future of DVB-I in our article: Exploring the promise of DVB-I

We are very proud to be a part of this award-winning project and to continue in the next phases of the project, introducing new possibilities of media convergence with the help of DVB-I.

Next steps in the project 

The project is currently in phase 2. The goal of phase 2 is to create a stable test scenario for device manufacturers and software companies as a common technical basic profile, enabling manufacturers to test their product development in a realistic environment and to help shape market maturity. In parallel, a roadmap for a market launch will be developed.

In phase 1, which ran from September 2022 to March 2023, a comprehensive proof-of-concept was realised. As a result of this, German DVB-I Pilot won the “2023 Special Award for Innovation” in IBC 2023. Read more here: https://sofiadigital.com/german-dvb-i-pilot-ibc-2023-special-award-winner/

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