Finnish hockey fans are getting new interactive services with HbbTV

Finnish media company Nelonen Media together with the Finnish Hockey League (Liiga), Digita and Sofia Digital are testing a new interactive service during fall in live hockey matches shown on TV. During matches viewers can get the real-time game event feed, see the  Twitter buzz and follow scores of other matches being played – all conveniently with the TV remote control. These additional services enrich the TV experience and bring the familiar Internet services to TV screen. The new service is a natural continuation to the Ruutu catch-up and re-start service launched by Nelonen earlier in June.

Liiga service
Liiga service

The new service launches with the Liiga opening match on 12th September on the Nelonen channel in Digita’s terrestrial network. The service is available for all smart TVs sold in Finland with HbbTV enabled.

Finnish version of press release available from Digita: Liiga-faneille interaktiivisia lisäpalveluja Nelosen Liiga-lähetyksiin

More information
Kai Taka-Aho, Nelonen Media,
Juha Huhta, Jääkiekon SM-liiga Oy,
Teppo Ahonen, Digita Oy,
Ari Pöyhtäri, Sofia Digital Oy,

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