Sofia Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a modern solution for marketing and communicating. It is quickly emerging, completing and partly replacing earlier marketing communications.
Sofia Digital Signage is a cloud-based service (SaaS) for managing small and large scale digital signage and info-TV deployments. It comes with a subscription based monthly fixed price model. There are no necessary initial investments needed.

Software-based players are available for Microsoft Windows and Android. Players communicate with the backend using the outbound TCP ports. Players can be placed behind firewall and NAT and there is no need for open direct inbound firewall ports from Sofia Digital Signage backend to the player. All the communication and updates are happening by players establishing and keeping the two-way connection alive.
There are ready-made content templates and information sources which can be mixed with customer’s own content easily. Information sources can be for example news, weather or social media content. Sofia Digital Signage also supports HTML-based content allowing very flexible services updating in real-time.

It is also possible to include Sofia’s SOMESCREEN® moderated social media discussions as part of digital signage content. People send tweets and Instagram messages with their favourite applications. SOMESCREEN® manager just needs to define the desired #hashtags to follow and then moderate the incoming feed to publish it on ds displays. This allows bringing real-time user generated content into traditional marketing or informational DS content.

  • Cloud based service. Possibility for local installation
  • Media players for MS Windows and Android utilizing the existing Internet connection and
    they can be located behind firewall
  • Support playlists with complex rules
  • Possibility to integrate SOMESCREEN® as a playlist item
  • Scalable from few players to hundreds of players with unique playlists