Antenna Ready HD and Cable Ready HD

Antenna Ready HD and Cable Ready HD

Sofia Digital is operating as a custodian for Finnish Antenna Ready and Cable Ready certification processes, appointed by Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics (FiCom). Cable Ready HD and Antenna Ready HD validation is based on NorDig specifications, including local extensions such as field tests, CA-tests and other local adjustments (LCN numbering, DVB SSU). Our support covers also Antenna Ready Smart HD (HbbTV) compliance tests.

Sofia Digital delivers testing and validation reports based on NorDig documents. The Antenna Ready and Cable Ready labels on a set-top box or an integrated receiver confirm that the receiver has passed verification tests and Sofia Digital Testing portfolio functions properly in Finnish environment. The specifications and list of certified receivers are available from website.

Sofia Digital Testing portfolio


  • Before product maturity reaches the necessary level for full certification testing
  • R&D support during product development

Conformance testing

  • Antenna Ready HD / Cable Ready HD / Antenna Ready Smart HD
  • Test Suites / Stream packages
  • For self-certification/pre-certification

24/7 Laboratory Access

  • Access to all live signals (S/T/T2/C) + laboratory test signals
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • Access to Test Engineer support during office hours

Flexible slot booking

  • Usually Two weeks lead time – sometimes even less

Full Nordig Compliance together with advanced test tools ensures fast and reliable results

  • Also access to CAMs and smart cards (Currently for Finnish operators)

Lab space is available on request for a reasonable price

  • Full access to test stream suite and live signals included
  • Extra cost only for 24/7 access and laboratory engineer support

Finnish ”Problem Solving Database” administrative duty

  • A bug-tracking system where Finnish operators and representatives of the CE manufacturers (importers or local companies) collect and comment on common problems in Finland (CAM problems, signal problems, etc.)

Benefits of (NorDig) Unified Testing

Conformity guaranteed

  • Passing the test suites gives compatibility in a wide range of cable and antenna networks in the Nordic area

Equality in competition

  • Nordig standards give a common platform for base functionality
  • Extra features can be built on top of this basic level
  • Since Nordig conformance provides basic functionality other competitive aspects like price and logistics can be applied

Bootloading support

  • Free support for future software updates

Research and Development support

  • Nordig standards give an excellent base for product design and feature set
  • Conformance process speeds up development and bug fixing phase providing faster time-to-market
  • Test Laboratories offer access to test streams and cases, also expert hands-on technical help is available
  • Field test support

Post-launch benefits

  • Less defects means less cost after product launch
  • Local knowledge about market development and future trends

Customer satisfaction

  • Good product stems good reviews and reputation
  • Certified product is more likely to be selected

Operator support

  • Operators recommend certified products

The Antenna Ready and Cable Ready certification is open to all receiver manufacturers and importers who wish to have their equipment tested. For more information about the process don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cable Ready is a registered trademark and its usage is controlled by the Finnish Federation for Communications and Teleinformatics (Ficom).